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The most important thing for having a meaningful, joyful life is to be aligned with the Self.

Selfcare is also: knowing what you need, to be able to feel what your heart wants. 


What I ‘ve learned is that my being needs enough adventure and that I have to spend enough time in nature.

Therefore I’ve created ‘Touch on tour’. With or without my caravan I travel to beautiful inspirational places who can feed my adventurous nature and longing to beauty. 


I park myself there and do what I do: I give massages, healings or set up a spirited event.


That’s a win-win.

The more I give myself what I need, the more I can be at service for others and you get the chance to go and get a massage or healing at a beautiful place.

Life can be good.


Wanna know more?

Or want to set up an event together?


Get in touch!


May the love be with you


Barbarella Butterflies is a spirited dating event for and with conscious Souls, in cooperation with Mariken De Munter. We adore unleashing our creativity to create a beautiful soft and playful event that loves to give people connection in depth. Every time again our hearts melt watching so many beautiful people connecting authentically. 

Coming up next: 18/11/2023


Curious? Let's get in touch

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Look, you don't feel like you're dating at all. It's about meeting in a soft context. In a small group of men and women philosophizing or discussing a book for example. Always with a neutral facilitator supporting this. Barbarella provides a safe context and a warm setting. A very beneficial experience if ´classical´ dating does not suit you (anymore). Heartwarming, authentic and gentle​.'

- Isabelle -

Barbarella Butterflies. What a great name! I really enjoyed this dating event. And that for someone like me who was always reluctant to go to such things. Original approach, casual atmosphere with a touch of humor, authentic guidance and variation throughout the evening. Thanks, Barbara and Mariken! Keep it up, I am a fan! 

- Sophie -


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