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I'm teaming up with my wonderful colleague Sandy Volckaert from Live your life, who's a beautiful soul, an holistic massage therapist and a match made in heaven.

Together we are a magical compatible team. Our four hands can bring you the best massage experience.

You can find more about Sandy here.

Curious? Book yours today, right here.


Energetic exchange:


duration: 1h30


Together we also present a new and unique concept: the healing love bomb.

After the intake we both do what we do and give you there and then what feels the best.


In any case, you get:


/ an intake  /

/ a chakra-healing by magnetisation /

/ a full body 4-hands massage/

/ an energetic healing /

/ a personal nurture consult

/ heartwarming soup

/ tools to take home /


Why would you do it?


To receive a healing like this is very powerful to let the treatments sink in. By opening things up first, both the massage and the healing get deeply embodied. The quantum field is really tangible and provides space and time to internalize the treatment.

Energetic exchange:


duration: 3h


''Two warm hearts focusing together on your well-being and creating a context of safety and warmth. You feel literally and figuratively carried on your hands for a moment. The care with which they proceed is touching. You disappear in a cocoon of loving attention, sink into an extra deep relaxation.

Barbara and Sandy are very well matched in

rhythm and movement. Calmly tune into each other, making it 1 great flowing whole.

Highly recommended! 

Hanne -



Just sublime...'

- Sarah -

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