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©Lies Delmulle


My goal is to unleash your self-healing capacity. We are in power of so much more than we think. 


How does that work?

What I do in my healings is very intuitive, and always supported by the quantum field.


We start with a short intake. First I dive into the underlying root of the problem. Therefore I might use bibliotherapy, kinesiology or what ‘my gut’ tells me. Big chance that you leave the room with a totally different perspective of your problem than when you entered. The word ‘diagnose’ can get a new meaning.


From there on I do what feels best at that moment, which can be: healing with energetic cards, healing codes, unblocking chakras by 'magnetizing', giving healing words and so on.

Often it is a combination of different things. 

I trust that everything that has to come up will come up.


Important for me is that we go to the core core of the problem, that I deblock what has to be unblocked and that I give you the necessary tools to continue the healing work at home.


Good to know: 

What is such healing suitable for?

For just about anything!

Physical complaints, acute or chronic.

But also for stumbling blocks of all kinds on an emotional, social, professional, relational or sexual level.

Magnetizing is best compared to Reiki, the difference being mainly that Reiki addresses symptoms, magnetizing the source of the problem. Magnetizing has a far reaching history, as far back as the Shamans and Indians.

Energetic exchange:


duration: 1h

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©Renaat Daem

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©Renaat Daem


Sauce it up


A costume-made treatment is always possible. 

We can combine Lomi Lomi with energetic healings in one or more session(s), plan a real Lomi-journey and so on.

Contact me for a free in-take zoom. (1 hour)


Why should I do that?

The healing-journey is very similar to the journey of peeling The Onion. Once you peeled one layer of, the next is already there looking at you, saying: Hi, here I am, heal me, peel me.

Depending on where you are on your path, how far you are willing to go and what your goals are it can be necessary or recommendable to go for a tailor-made treatment.


With or without magical tears.

Energetic exchange:

One extended  session:


duration: 3h


A 3-session journey: 


3 times 1h30


I was surprised how quickly Barbara put the most essential theme that I am struggling with on the agenda.

It was so touching that it touched me ;-) What Barbara said resonated very loudly. 

With certain energetic things  I  literally felt movement in my body,


The answers came at the right moment and it helped me to help myself with my problem. It was just right.’

- Vanessa -


' Miraculous dear Barbara, my primal power splashed up, burst through all the darkness. Very exceptional.

I really want/will live again and feel myself closely. I promise that to myself. Light is taking over right now. Wonderful job!

Loving thank you!'

- Kristel -

' From the depths I thank you. What you were able to release from my system meant exceptionally much to me. 

Take heart that there are few stars like you twinkling in the universe!'

- Kristof -

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